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Natural, Technical, and Govt problems Policies:

  1. In the event of an accident, technical, natural, or governmental issues like landslides, earthquakes, extreme hot or cold weather, protests, road blockages, loss or damage of items due to any reason, electricity or petrol shortages during the trip, the itineraries may be affected and the company will not be held responsible for any delay. In case of changes in electricity and fuel prices due to government directives, tour package prices will be increased or decreased immediately without prior notice. Clients will also be contacted and informed of the changes prior to the date of departure.
  2. Due to any of the above-mentioned reasons that result in an extended stay, extra daily charges will be collected from the client.
  3. If there is a case of electricity shortage in any area, the hotel will switch on the generator till 1 a.m. or as per the hotel policies. The company will not be responsible for it.

Tour Policies:

  1. In all tour packages, transportation will only be available between 7 am-9 pm. After that, drivers will not be disturbed. In case of an emergency, the company or the tour guide at the spot will make a decision.
  2. For A.C, Heater, Wifi or TV extra charges will be taken or depend on the availability in the hotels. There are no A.Cs, Wifi, or T.V in most of the hotels in the northern area.
  3. Hotel or transportation can be changed without prior notice, depending on availability.
  4. Smoking or any kind of drugs, or weapons are not allowed during the tour.
  5. Original CNIC and/or passport should be with the client at any time.
  6. Clients are required to reach the time given by the tour guide, otherwise, a fine of Rs 500 will be charged on an hourly basis and the company reserves the right to cancel your trip without returning the payment. 
  7. If any client is found destroying any property during the tour. He/She will be fined accordingly by the company or the relevant authorities.
  8. Please carry your necessary things in your handy bags because luggage will only be unloaded after reaching the hotel.
  9. Any kind of song that is deemed vulgar or inappropriate by the tour guide will not be played.
  10. AC will be turned OFF during an uphill drive.
  11. Short break time will be followed strictly. Otherwise, the tour operator reserves the right to skip any place to reach the destination.
  12. The food of places in the northern areas is known to be comparatively low on spices and dry (as per their customs). Customers should be aware of this fact and refrain from arguing with the locals and/or tour guide if they do not find it to their liking. This factor is out of the company’s control and your accommodation is appreciated in this matter.
  13. Extra charges will be taken for laundry, ironing, kettle, and hangers and depend totally on the availability in the hotel.
  14. Please carry your own gadgets like power banks, chargers, headphones, etc. The company will not be responsible for anything.
  15. Bonfire will depend on the weather and will be for 1 hour. 2000Rs will be collected for every hour or 5000Rs/night till 11:55 pm.
  16. Room allocation depends on the tour guide. Rs. 1000/night will be collected for the desired room.
  17. Certain areas in the north are known to have dew and dampness during the nighttime. As such, beds and camps may experience dampness/wetness and moisture.

Seat Arrangement Policies:

  1. Seats will be allotted before departure by tour management for your convenience and will be shuffled during the tour. For any specific seat demanded by any client, a rate of 500/seat/day will be charged.
    • Children under 3 years  – Free of Charge (Lap or on the folding seat).
    • Children aged 3-8 years – Half Charges (Folding seat)
    • Children aged above 8 years – Full Charges

Seat Cancellation Policies:

  1. 100% cancellation of charges applies within 15-24 hrs does apply.
  2. 48 hrs or less, a 75% cancellation fee does apply.
  3. 3 days or more– 50% cancellation of charges does apply.
  4. 7 days or more – 30% cancellation of charges does apply.
  5. In the event of a refund, Chalay Ao Travels will make refunds within 5 working days.

Your understanding during unforeseen circumstances is appreciated.

Chalay Ao Travels works tirelessly to give you the best experience possible. For any additional queries please contact us through our email or phone number.

Contact us at [email protected] or Whatsapp at 0335 6442987 for questions related to policies.

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