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About Us

Chalay ao Travels (Pvt Ltd)

About Chalay ao Travels (Private) Limited Values

Chalay ao Travels wants to bring travel-loving people together in such a way that it imprints the experience of the place and travel, along with all the things that go with it.

We don’t want idle travelers, who travel in namesake only. We want you to experience the bonds of traveling, the comradery, the toils, the achievement, whether it be preparing your first meals together, to the lessons of preserving the ecosystem of the roads less traveled, and lands seldom visited.
The comfort of becoming a part of the local community, even if shortly.

We believe in sustainable tourism development and aspire to share our journeys with people who love nature. Both its magnificent scale, and its fragility.

The rest are better off staying in their houses, in their rooms, locked inside, locked away from the bounties of the earth that may prove too much for them.

So, flock together dear travelers, we’re all birds of a feather.

About Our Services

We’re not here just for business. We love what we do. Before we started, we experienced all the problems and situations travelers face. We thought this travelling shouldn’t be hectic. I mean there is love in pain(writers became philospher here). But I feel traveller should be like a bird. Smoothly and effortlessly flying through Air. Enjoying every bit of it. 


So, with this concept in mind. We wanted to make a firm, where all our friends, who share the same thought, same love for travelling come together to create an experience for all the people, to enjoy the beauty of our beloved land.


So, We’ve taken all the things into consideration to provide everything a traveller might need.

  • Reliable Transportation
  • Comfortable Hotels
  • Easy Bookings
  • Healthy Food
  • 24/7 Support (we take this seriously)
  • Well Educated and Well Behaved Staff

Custom Tours / Private Tours

After much research, We’ve developed a form for Custom Tours. Where you can tell us, what you want out of your desired Private tours and we shall organize them for you.

We give value to your budget and time and give more than what you expect. We believe in the simple and straightforward plan and explain everything you’ll be getting and paying upfront.

That means, NO HIDDEN CHARGES!!!

We love talking and sharing experiences and giving recommendations. So, tell us and we’ll give you a call.


The Advantages of Using a Private Tour Guide

There are lots of reasons why a personal tour guide needs to be utilized when intending your holiday or just looking to figure out even more regarding your city. Local guides use lots of advantages for the vacationer as well as supply numerous solutions that will boost any type of sightseeing trip. Some have specialty trips concentrating on the arts, regional history or cultural destinations whilst others will certainly offer a more basic tour by vehicle or train.

What they will all offer is the expertise that a lot of travelers will not have or have the ability to learn prior to checking out the city or tourist attraction. So what are the benefits?

  1. A lot of tourist guides would have undergone some form of training and also the chances are they will belong to an expert guides association.
  2. If you have a limited time after that using a personal tour guide can verify indispensable as they can provide effective service and have the ability to take you to places that you may not have seen otherwise. This will conserve visitors from wasting time searching for the information or websites they wished to see.
  3. Hiring an exclusive tour guide may likewise enable access to locations that you might not have been able to view as they will be acknowledged, reliable, and also relied on. There may even be less queuing which will enable the scenic tour to occur promptly and also successfully.
  4. The Exclusive Tourist guide will certainly have considerable knowledge of the city or place they remain in as well as will actually assist the visitor to understand the history as well as a society if that is what they want. They will have inside expertise along with years of experience so they can aid vacationers to recognize the influences in the location, as well as the people, and also they will certainly likewise provide a sense of familiarity to ensure that the vacationer does not feel like an outsider.
  5. The overview will certainly ask questions regarding what is wanted from the excursion and this will certainly allow them to customize it properly to ensure that it makes the best use of the possibility of the browse through to ensure that every last decline of information can be squeezed out of it. By comprehending the ideas and requirements of the vacationer the guide can make certain the see is unique.
  6. A tourist guide can provide complacency as in some nations travelers are not allowed to check out certain locations. However, if they are with an official tourist guide after that this may alter the situation as well as open several doors which might originally have been closed. Specific locations can be unsafe and a tourist guide will certainly be aware of this, they will certainly have the capacity to avoid locations that some vacationers might unknowingly wander right into.

Working with a private tour guide can really make a difference to your trip as they supply insight, very easy gain access to, expertise, and safety and security, all things that the typical traveler may not be able to achieve so quickly.

Meet The Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Rao Hannan

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Chief Operating Officer

Rao Furqan

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Outreach Manager

Fatima Tahir

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Sr. Tour Manager

Alee Mujtaba

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Marketing Manager

Fareed Ahmed

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Rana Zain

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